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I Got A New Website And It’s Awesome!

What’s the next best thing to winning the lottery, curing the obesity epidemic, or stopping Kia from ever showing another terrifying dancing hamster commercial*?

That’s right, getting a brand new website.

So you’ll forgive me if I throw myself a little awesomeness party (if you can’t come, just send your gift by mail. Checks and Visa gift cards also accepted) for the launch of my new website, www.JBennettWrites.com.

J Bennett Writes Home Page Screenshot

Ain’t She Purdy?

It’s not 100% done yet (my fault), but the bones are all there.

When I published my first novel,Falling – Girl With Broken Wings, I had my talented friend Marcella Smith design a website for the series. Then I started writing a couple of short stories about a grouchy vampire named Nathaniel and his very put-upon housekeeper, Deidre.

I realized that – hey, who knows where my brain will go? I certainly don’t. So, I decided that I needed a website for me, J Bennett the author (and my wandering brain).

www.JBennettWrites.com features both my Girl With Broken Wings series and my The Vampire’s Housekeeper Chronicles series. I hope in the future to add even more pages as me and my brain write up some new adventures.

The site was designed by Marcella Smith of Paradigm Graphic Design. She’s amazing, by the way. If you need any graphic work done, she’s your gal.

I should just state for the record that if you notice any clunky page layouts or any graphics that look like a drunken monkey created them, that’s not Marcie. That’s me messing up Marcie’s design after she handed the site over to me (just turn away Marcie, turn away).

With that in mind, take a tour of the site if you have the time or inclination. For fans of the Girl With Broken Wings series, I plan on adding a few extras on the right menu of the GWBW pages. Stay tuned. They’ll be populated soon, I promise.

Thanks, as always, for all your support!

*Why aren’t more people taking the threat of giant mutant hamsters who have apparently learned to drive more seriously?

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